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María del Pilar

María del Pilar

In 2010 I became a grandmother, as many of you know how excited is to be a grandmother for the first time. I was very lucky to be able to enjoy most of my time with my first grandchild, because despite not to take care of him every day, I did it while my daughter was studying her Master. As time passed, everyone was asking me the same question, “What you gonna do when you do not have to care of Alberto?”. The question of everyone I met, did not change, it was exactly the same question!

The time came when I got worried and I asked myself the same question “When Alberto starts school, How will I spend my free time?”… Because I’m practically retired of our lifelong business, giving way to the new generation.

One day, walking with my husband in Old San Juan, I found the answer to the question that people constantly made ​​me. I found a specialized school in fine jewelry, I did the research and started studying. Quickly, I discovered a talent I could enjoy in this new life phase. As of today, I am still studying and I am sure I will continue to do so because I know that there is much to learn. I love what I do, I enjoy it and each piece is created with a lot of heart. This way was born Aridamés; Fine Jewelry that today I present to you.

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